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Dysel’s software solutions are developed specifically for companies that sell, rent and service serial numbered equipment. Your equipment is at the heart of your organization, so it is in our software. Our goal is to not just deliver a software system, but a solution that actually helps your business move forward. And we have proven to be successful doing this; the average return on investment of our software is only 18 to 24 months!


Save costs

Dysel’s software solutions have been proven successful in reducing costs in various departments. Think for instance of an improved parts management system, reducing the size of your warehouse up to 75%. Or optimization of your service planning with a graphical planning that has the intelligence to match the right technician to the right work order and vice versa. Our customers have reduced the amount of administrative work drastically, in some cases by as much as 70%.

Work more efficiently

Do you sell, rent or service equipment? Then your business processes fit perfectly into Dysel’s standard industry-specific software solution. This means you spend less time on paperwork leaving you more time for things that actually earn you money. With Dysel's software your technicians can handle more service visits and your sales team approaches prospects more successfully. Dysel's web portals and interfaces also make your contact with customers and suppliers a lot easier and more pleasant.

Take better decisions

Unique in our software is that the equipment is placed central in the system. This provides you a perfect insight into the (service) history, book value and configuration of your objects. You are fully informed and this facilitates your decision-making. With our reporting and business intelligence solution you can create powerful management reports in a second to support you in your job. Moreover, the information is always real-time and up-to-date.

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