Everyware CRM

Your sales people are often in the field visiting customers and prospects. They discover new sales opportunities and translate customer requirements into specific solutions. Information is crucial during their visits. With Everyware CRM your sales people have all information they need at their fingertips enabling them to offer customers the best possible solution. Always and everywhere.


Easy and intuitive

Everyware CRM is an easy to use solution that requires little time and effort from your sales personnel. EveryWare CRM can be used on smartphones, tablets and laptops and is compatible with the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows. Even offline, users can continue their work with EveryWare CRM. Useful when connection to a mobile network is temporarily unavailable or not allowed at the customer site. When the connection is restored, data is automatically exchanged with the central system. EveryWare CRM saves your sales people a lot of time on administration as they can enter and check information quickly, anytime and anywhere.


Intelligent sales

The real-time and up to date information you get from Everyware CRM in combination with your central system increases your sales success significantly. Based on the information that your sales people send to the office with a push of a button, you can plan your staff and create and adjust sales forecasts. Sales people will visit the customer or prospect optimally informed and every phone call or appointment is immediately registered and will not be forgotten. Quotations can be generated directly and handed over to the customer and your sales people are also able to close the deal on site.



Everyware CRM offers you the following advantages:


  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Works always and everywhere, even offline
  • Fast and efficient administration
  • Detailed forecasting
  • Planning your sales people
  • Optimally informed visits
  • Successful account management
  • Quotations and deals on site

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