CRM & Configuration

From the very first customer contact, you are able to maintain important customer information directly in the ELC database. The CRM module is fully integrated into our solution. You will no longer have the extra cost of maintaining multiple databases nor will you have to deal with difficult integrations from external CRM systems.

The customer wants a quote? You configure the equipment in our solution and with the press of a button all of this information is presented in Word. The Word quote may have standard text or specifications but you may also add additional customized text, specifications, or drawings. The link to the Word document will remain forever intact within ELC.  You can have an instant view of outstanding quote opportunities which includes up to date status changes in quotes. You may not only see this information in ELC but it also exports to excel with the push of a button

Did you get the order? Then just one touch is enough to convert the quote to an order. Then with one more push of a button you can create the purchase order, including all factory options. The PDI work order is just as easy including all the work and parts needed for the work order

After the delivery of the equipment, ELC will automatically create an appointment for the first service or inspection. There are more tools available to provide better service on sold equipment such as quickly creating a list of models sold in past two years but have not been serviced. ELC’s CRM allows you to track the data that enables you to significantly improve the quality of service for your customers and helps you gain their trust in your company. Learn more about Dysel's ERP software.


Your customers are increasingly demanding and require a continuous high availability of their equipment.  This requires a tight schedule and you want to know that the necessary parts are available. Our field service enables you to avoid last minute surprises. ELC shows in one convenient screen all the necessary information so that you are able to provide a solution quickly. Of course it is also possible to implement a total solution for Field Service.
For more information: Field Service


Fleet management

With fleet management your equipment is visible on the website and will provide comprehensive statistics for all relevant information such as current book value, costs, rental statistics, sales and sales margins.  You can also see the hour meter history as well as when the next service is due. This information is especially useful for your customers. With Dysel’s Customer Portal this is possible. This is possible through  Dysel’s Customer Portal where your customers can view the hour meter, next scheduled service date and service history of all their equipment.


Maintenance Contract

Agreements made for maintaining agriculture equipment may be different for each customer. This usually varies from simple agreements on fees to complex full-service contracts with price indexing, billing arrangements, and special rates for emergency service.  To efficiently manage these contracts it is important to capture all these variables up front.  ELC has many types of maintenance contracts but is flexible enough to tailor agreements, capture contract data and provide invoicing as required by the customer.



ELC includes all processes for companies that sell, rent, lease, or maintain Agricultural and Horticultural machinery and equipment:


  • Complete configuration of sales proposals including factory and dealer options 
  • Quotes offered in Word format 
  • Fully integrated CRM 
  • A complete field service solution 
  • Complex Maintenance schedules made simple 
  • Maintenance planning based on schedule 
  • Extensive rental and transportation module 

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