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Certification is important for refrigerants

An accurate recording of the use of refrigerants is required. Not only  should this be done correctly internal, the log must always be up to date as well. The refrigerants should always be weighed, at the moment of purchase, consumption, and the return of empty bottles. It’s a hard job to keep up with these requirements and weighing differences arise quickly. This is exactly why we have integrated the administration regarding the use of refrigerants within ELC. Purchase and usage are recorded easily. ELC automatically books the weighing differences and updates the work orders and logs. No extra actions are required. Leaks are registered fast and easily in order to take preventive and corrective measures. With Dysel’s ELC solution you meet all requirements imposed on the use of refrigerants.

Project and installation

The ELC project module is designed for companies selling and installing projects. This module is fully integrated with the rental and equipment modules so the use of your equipment can be easily added and accounted for on the project. At any time you know exactly what the status of each device is and where it is located.  You can create the estimate by building the costs from each supplier and once you have the order you are able to create purchase orders with just one push of a button.


Maintenance and service

Agreements made for maintaining  equipment may be different for each customer. This usually varies from simple agreements on fees to complex full-service contracts with price indexing, billing arrangements, and special rates for emergency service.  To efficiently manage these contracts it is important to capture all these variables up front.  ELC has many types of maintenance contracts and is flexible enough to tailor agreements, capture contract data, and provide invoicing as required by the customer.


Full Microsoft integration

Dysel’s ELC solution is based on the successful business management solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means you will benefit from complete integration with other Microsoft products, such as Office and SharePoint. With just one press of a button you can export data from ELC to Outlook, Word and Excel in the format you prefer. You will build your project estimate in your ERP solution but you will also need to present a professional quotation with text and graphics. This is possible with Microsoft Word. Dysel’s ELC offers you the best of both worlds.  ELC stores the estimate with the basic information such as the configuration and the prices. With a press of a button this data is transferred to Word where it matches it up with the template and easily creates professional, detailed quotations.  Since the final quotation remains linked to ELC you are able to follow the quotation status through the CRM module.  Through CRM you are able to monitor the progress of the quotation from beginning to end so that success is assured.


Insight in the status of your equipment

An accurate recording of the use of refrigerants is required. Not only  must they be correct internally, but even the log must always be current. The refrigerants should always be weighed, with the purchase, consumption, and the return of empty bottles. Weighing arises quickly. It’s a hard job to keep up with these requirements. This is precisely why we have provided the administration STEK fully integrated within ELC



ELC is a total solution for the Climate Control industry. We understand your business and have incorporated all processes into one integrated system. ELC offers you:

  • Fully integrated CRM module 
  • Complete equipment configuration 
  • MS Word link for quotation 
  • Complete project module for installation 
  • Field Service module 
  • Maintenance Contracts 
  • Profitability Analysis 
  • Full financial integration 
  • Key Performance Indicators 

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