Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution offers a comprehensive module for rental, which is ideal for short term and long term (project based) rental of cranes. Besides the crane, you can also include the operator and other equipment such as hoists, ramps and counterweights in the rental contract.


The configuration of the crane can be done quickly. You have insight into the status and location of your cranes at anytime and anywhere. If you use the mobile solution EveryWare Service, you will have real-time insight, allowing you to quickly adjust and manage where necessary. ELC has a comprehensive module for inspections showing the planning and the related work orders. Hours registration of both the crane and the operator are handled easily in our system.


ELC offers complete insight into the total cost of ownership at any time including statistics and detailed reports. Besides rental you can also choose for sale & lease-back, financial lease and rental from third parties. The comprehensive transport module ensures efficiently organized transport and pick up of your equipment.


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