Rent & Lease

With ELC rental and leasing, at any time you have a full understanding of the total cost of ownership and the return on your investment. You’ll be able to quickly see detailed statistics and reports for a variety of configurations such as the total fleet, by individual unit, by model, or by long vs short term rental.  Leasing options are also available to provide for a variety of leasing agreements. The rental module provides for many configurations of cranes and the ability to assign various rental rates based on these configurations.


Crane equipment must undergo regular inspections. Within ELC there is a comprehensive planning module that tracks when and what test or calibration is required. This allows you insight for planning so that you can quickly and conveniently create work orders for the necessary inspections. In addition, ELC has a Courses module that will provide all the tracking necessary for inspection training and certification.


Fleet Management

To properly manage your fleet of cranes, at any time you will want to know the current status of a crane. Is it still at a job site or is it on the way to the next site? It is also important to know the status of the operator. Within ELC this is all possible. It is possible to sign in and out of a lifting task using a PDA or Smartphone in order to get real time updates. This provides accurate information and saves time which will result in reduced operating costs.



Your customers are increasingly demanding and require a continuous high availability of their equipment.  This requires a tight schedule and you want to know that the necessary parts are available. Our field service enables you to avoid last minute surprises. ELC shows in one convenient screen all the necessary information so that you are able to provide a solution quickly. Of course it is also possible to implement a total solution for Field Service. 

For more information: Field Service



ELC is the solution for any company that rents and leases cranes:


  • Crane rental configuration 
  • Extensive rental module 
  • A complete Field Service Solution 
  • Extensive certification module 
  • Comprehensive fleet management information 
  • Maintenance planning based on maintenance schedules 
  • Real time updates via PDA or Smartphone 
  • Fully integrated CRM