Health & Safety

Certification and testing

Health and safety equipment must undergo regular testing or inspections. Within ELC there is a comprehensive planning module that tracks when and what test or calibration is required. This allows you insight for planning so that you can quickly and conveniently create work orders for the necessary inspections.

The testing/inspections, with the recorded measurement data, are stored within ELC. Through an interface with Microsoft Word you are able to create instant, professional certificates for your customer.



You must be able to verify the history, location and use of your equipment. For example, it is important to record when parts are replaced. Data from a test or calibration can be seamlessly maintained in ELC including the individual components.

The system will automatically date and time stamp the name of the person performing the test or calibration. In no time you will get all this information back from ELC to enable you to have the traceability that is required.



Your customers are increasingly demanding and require a continuous high availability of their equipment.  This requires a tight schedule and you want to know that the necessary parts are available. Our field service enables you to avoid last minute surprises. ELC shows in one convenient screen all the necessary information so that you are able to provide a solution quickly. Of course it is also possible to implement a total solution for Field Service


Maintenance Contracts

For managing customer maintenance programs, flexibility is essential.  With ELC you have the flexibility that is needed to perform maintenance based on hours used or scheduled intervals along with many options on the invoicing and discount method.  These are just some of the possibilities. 

You can also capture important information such as response times, customer calls, contacts, and contract profit. These are directly accessible from the contract, the work order, or the equipment. 

ELC is particularly suitable for complex maintenance schedules, where the system itself calculates what service activities are needed and when they take place. From ELC send your customer an overview. The customer receives a link to a website where they can confirm it has been serviced. Simplicity combined with optimal customer service.



ELC includes all processes for companies that sell, rent and service medical and safety equipment. Within this industry, certification, inspections, and traceability are important and ELC provides in all of this.


  • Extended module for certification and verification
  • Professional certificates
  • Traceability of parts and equipment
  • Maintenance planning based on maintenance schedules
  • A complete Field Service Solution
  • Extensive module for maintenance
  • Fully integrated CRM module.

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