For the installation sector Dysel offers Equipment Life Cycle, which is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV based solution for project-based rental and service.


The projects setup with tasks and subtasks (up to eight levels deep) ensures you of a proper registration of your project. Per job you keep track of the contract variations and you have several options for invoicing. For a decent pre- and post-calculation you specify budgets at every level, for each task and each subtask.


ELC allows you to organize and analyze projects in a standard way. This saves a lot of work in setting up and pulling out a project and you will not forget any activities. Of course you can monitor the milestones of the project. Within ELC you easily create tasks and associate tasks with each other. You can monitor the project progress and you have a good project overview. Of course ELC also offers a graphical overview of your projects.


As ELC is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products. Useful for the preparation of quotations in Word or schemes in Excel.


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