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Your quotations contain a lot of text of course and Microsoft Word is the most appropriate program for this. Wouldn’t it be nice if all information in your calculations can be used in Word? Our solution turns this into reality while the quotation remains linked to the calculation. And a link to the CRM module ensures that all the steps from initial contact to final delivery are registered correctly. As ELC is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the system makes optimal use of other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, SharePoint, Visio, and InfoPath. Of course, all these files are associated to projects, so that they are instantly available to everyone. All of your business processes in just one system. Very convenient and cost effective. Read more about Dysel’s ERP software solution.

Using Excel for budget estimates

With Microsoft Excel you can easily attach budget estimates to your projects. With just a push of a button you can open a new Excel spreadsheet from each budget line. If you change the calculations in Excel the numbers on the budget line change accordingly. This way you work structured and flexible.


Costing and contract variations

The projects setup with tasks and subtasks (up to eight levels deep) ensures you of a proper registration of your project. Per job you keep track of the contract variations and you have several options for invoicing. For a decent pre- and post-calculation you specify budgets at every level, for each task and each subtask.

For a clear insight into your data, ELC has an advanced statistics screen.

The comprehensive invoicing module allows for all types of invoicing. Activation and deactivation of revenues and costs is more than flexible. You create a financial project planning that fits your company in the best way.


Planning and Workflow

Planning is critical in projects. ELC allows you to organize and analyze projects in a standard way. This saves a lot of work in setting up and pulling out a project and you will not forget any activities. Of course you can monitor the milestones of the project. Within ELC you easily create tasks and associate tasks with each other. You can monitor the project progress and you have a good project overview. Of course ELC also offers a graphical overview of your projects. Do you prefer using Microsoft Project? This is easy with our export function. Changes in project tasks within the project are imported into ELC so that you are always up-to-date.



ELC includes all processes for companies that work project based and who need to have the possibility to rent or to provide service within the project:


  • Word link for quotations
  • Fully integrated CRM module
  • Detailed calculation module for projects
  • Planning Module for projects
  • Extensive rental module
  • Link to Microsoft Project
  • Comprehensive Project Invoicing
  • Extensive possibilities for contract variations

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