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Dysel's Equipment Life Cycle solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means you can benefit from the extremely user-friendly interface of Microsoft’s most successful ERP solution worldwide. Our mobile client Everyware also makes life easy for your technicians, sales staff and rental department.


Role Tailored interface

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has so called Role Centers. You log in as a certain type of user and you only get to see information that is relevant to your role in the organization. Users can also make changes to the screens based on their individual preferences. Dysel has developed Role Centers for the specific roles of our customers in the Equipment Life Cycle solution, for example, Service Manager, Parts Manager and Rental Manager. This gives your people more control and insight and makes their work easier and more pleasant.

Easy and intuitive mobile application

Dysel's mobile application Everyware provides access to the Equipment Life Cycle solution anytime, anywhere and on any device. Perfect for employees who are on the road a lot and / or people who want to work on a smartphone or tablet. The EveryWare user interface is easy and intuitive and designed to make optimal use of the screen size of mobile devices and it is developed for the specific tasks of the user. Everyware is available for technicians, sales people and your rental department.

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