New version field service solution EveryWare

Dysel is proud to announce the release of the newest version of field service solution EveryWare. This new version offers field service engineers an easy to use solution, completely integrated with the backoffice and suitable for all platforms and devices.

EveryWare is now platform independent and designed to use on all types of devices. This means EveryWare can be used on smartphones, tablets and laptops and is compatible with the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows (including Windows Phone).

EveryWare is intuitive to use and enables field service engineers to check, for instance, service history or configuration of equipment, or the parts available in the service van. Data can be entered in the field and is directly updated in the central system. A great advantage of EveryWare is that it can run offline as well and automatically updates data when the connection is restored.

If you want to avoid duplicate entries, and want to work efficiently with the most up to date information, wherever you are, Dysel’s EveryWare is the perfect solution.