The value of self-service in ERP software

13/01/2017 - Tamara de Jong

Providing quality support is critical when it comes to ERP software. Users want to be helped quickly when they encounter a problem or have a question about the software. An expert service desk that can easily be reached by phone and email is of course a must. But equally important is self-service: enable customers to help themselves without personal contact with one of your employees. Quick and easy.

Self-service increases customer satisfaction

Self-service is often seen as an impersonal and cost cutting way of providing service. But if integrated correctly in the overall support strategy, self-service is an excellent way to enhance the customer experience. Research shows that 75% of customers say self-service is a convenient way to address customer service issues and that 67% even prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. And why? Because it is fast, easy to do and accessible 24/7.

Self-service in ERP software

Sending a manual is not the right way to enable self-service for ERP software users. A better choice is the deployment of a support portal or customer portal with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), the latest manuals and information or news and updates. But even more effective is a support function that is fully integrated in the ERP system. Think about:

-   F1 Help (just like Microsoft Office): simply click F1 for direct support and explanation regarding the module or table where you are at.
-   YouTube instructional videos: this can be integrated into the F1 Help
-   Tooltips: informative text that appears when you hover over an item or field with the cursor

Satisfied end user

It is all about providing optimal support to the end-users of the system. Self-service makes it easier for the customer to get the most out of the software.

Want to know my complete vision on self-service with ERP software and what the possibilities are both now and in the future? Send me a message and I will contact you.

Tamara de Jong is Product Development Coordinator at Dysel and monitors the process of product development from concept to end result.

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