With a thorough preparation, a step-wise project approach and close cooperation with the customer, Dysel guarantees the success of any implementation project.


Thorough preparation

During the preparation phase we take a detailed look at your business processes to see how our software can meet your demands. We obtain a clear understanding of what needs to be done in the implementation. We discuss what data from your current system is transferred to our system and the customer-specific documents that need to be created. We assign a project team and make a detailed planning of the implementation.


Step-wise project approach

We follow a proven successful implementation approach to make sure implementations run quickly and efficiently. Instead of ‘consuming’ as many hours as we can, we prefer to focus on an optimal implementation at fair costs. Therefore we work with many milestones in our projects. Each implementation phase ends with a milestone and each phase may be divided into sub-phases with its own milestones. The next phase starts only when a milestone is reached successfully. A practical and cost-effective implementation method.


Together with the customer

The implementation is not a one-way project, but in close cooperation with the customer. During the implementation, the focus is on coaching and training of your team in order to learn your staff how to work with our software. By closely working together with your team, we are able to heavily reduce the overhead costs of project management and project documentation.

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