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Offer the best solution to your customers and potential customers at any time. With that thought as a starting point, Dysel’s CRM Software was developed. Not a standalone CRM solution, but a completely integrated module in our Equipment Life Cycle solution to support your sales department. 


Dysel's CRM Software offers comprehensive capabilities for capturing data and profiling of your customers and relations, sending mailings to specific segments and setting up and managing marketing campaigns. But the true power of this module lies in the integration with the rest of the system. All the information in your ELC system can be made ??available in the CRM module. For example, which equipment your customer currently owns, what machines will soon require maintenance work and which equipment may need to be replaced. But also statistics, such as the sales to your customer by equipment category during a given period. All interactions and transactions with your customer or prospect are available at a glance. This way you are completely informed whenever meeting are talking to your customers. You create professional quotes in a breeze because of the seamless integration with Microsoft Word. EveryWare allows you to quickly and easily create a quote on site and you can directly close the deal and send the information back to the office.


Dysel's CRM Software offers you an insight into your customers and equipment anywhere and anytime, like no CRM package can do for you:

  • Complete and up to date overview of your customer and their machinery and equipment
  • Insight into the configuration, information and history of machinery and equipment
  • Sales statistics per period and category in one overview
  • Insight into all service and rental contracts


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