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Offer the best solution to your customers and potential customers at any time. With that thought as a starting point, Dysel’s CRM Software was developed. Not a standalone CRM solution, but a completely integrated module in our Equipment Life Cycle solution to support your sales department. With the mobile solution Everyware your sales people have access to the CRM module anywhere and anytime.


A useful overview

Before you make a sales call on a customer you want to know if your customer has had any complaints. You also want to know if they have been resolved and if so how. This is possible within ELC’s CRM module. But it goes even further. With just a push of a button you can see what equipment your customer has, what equipment is on a maintenance contract, when the last maintenance was performed, any open quotes, and much more. In a handy overview you are able to see all the important information about this customer. An external CRM package is not able to provide all this information because it is not as deep in your operating system as ELC’s CRM module is. And with the mobile solution EveryWare all this information is also available to your sales people on the road.

Tailored mailings

ELC’s CRM module includes many options for effective marketing within your organization.  Whether you want to select a list of customers that rented a certain model of truck in a certain period of time and offer a rent special to them, or make sales calls on customers that equipment was sold but is not on a maintenance contract – ELC’s CRM can do all this and more. You may even select certain contacts within an organization by assigning mailing groups. The opportunities for enhanced sales and marketing efforts are endless.

Complete solution

Our CRM module will support all your business processes and grow together with your business. There is no complex integration with an external CRM application, forcing you to maintain different databases and try to synchronize them. You are able to create quotes, add maintenance contracts, create rental agreements, and more, all directly in our CRM module. It is a solution that offers 100% integration which results in higher efficiency, better information and lower operating costs. 


You are able to create a sales estimate in ELC and then through a seamless integration with Microsoft Word, create a professional quotation to be printed or emailed to the customer. You create the Word template and all the relevant information from ELC is automatically retrieved and used in the Word quotation. Now your quotations can be prepared in a matter of minutes instead of hours. EveryWare allows you to quickly and easily create quotations and close deals on site and send all information to the backoffice.


ELC CRM and EveryWare offer many benefits:

  • Segmentation and profiling
  • Sales statistics
  • Overview of all work orders, rental contracts, invoices etc
  • List of all sold equipment
  • Overview of service and maintenance jobs
  • Workflow management for internal processes
  • Register contact persons of customers and prospects
  • Professional quotations
  • Monitoring of opportunities by salesperson and by group
  • Optimal customer service for long-term relationships
  • Access to CRM anywhere and anytime with EveryWare 

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