Customer Portal

Dysel’s Customer Portal enables an easy and efficient transfer of information between you and your customers which strengthens the relationship with your customer and improves the customer satisfaction. 


Easy to use

Dysel’s Customer Portal is accessible through a web browser and due to its ‘responsive design’ it can be opened on any device, from a desktop or laptop to a tablet or smartphone. The display automatically adapts to the size of the screen, which makes the use of the Customer Portal easy and pleasant on any device. In the Customer Portal, customers can view information, download or upload documents, submit service requests and check invoices. At many companies these actions are carried out by mail, e-mail or phone, which is time-consuming and expensive both for you and for your customers. The Customer Portal works fully integrated with our ELC solution and enables you to save time and money and optimize the relationship with your customers.

Exactly how you want it

Every organization sets different requirements to a Customer Portal. Therefore, Dysel offers a basic framework with a simple layout and frequently used features. This framework is perfect for customizing features or adding new functionalities. We can also change the design to make it fit perfectly to your organization or even integrate the Customer Portal within your current company website. This way you get a Customer Portal that exactly meets your – and even more important: your customer’s – expectations.


Make more of the relationship with your customers by using Dysel’s Customer Portal:

  • A Customer Portal based on the latest technology
  • Accessible on any device, responsive design
  • A framework with frequently used features
  • Flexible based on your needs and requirements 
  • Design in the style of your organization
  • Complete integration with your company website

We look forward to help you

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