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Dysel develops, delivers and supports ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, one of the most widely used ERP packages worldwide. With Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution you benefit from the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV combined with powerful functionality for the purchase, sale, rental, service and repair of machinery and equipment.


Total Control

You want to be in control of your business processes. Dysel’s ERP software makes this easier for you. All data is stored on one central location, which means that decision making information is available when you need it. Do you want to know if an item is available on stock? Or when your last contact was with that promising prospect? Dysel offers you ERP software that immediately answers all of your questions. You are continuously aware of what’s happening in your business so you can react quickly when you need to. In short, you have everything under control.


Quick Intervention

Our ERP software gives you the most up to date information to quickly intervene where necessary. Trends and developments can be spotted early, enabling you to act proactively. This means you will be always one step ahead of the competition.


Improved Communication

Your data is stored centrally, so you only ever have to enter it once and you can be sure that the quality of data is consistent. In this way, our ERP software contributes to improved business efficiency and effective internal communication. In the communication with prospects, customers and partners you can also benefit from the advantages of Dysel’s ERP software. You can assess previous interactions and you will start a conversation well prepared. As a consequence, you will extract more value out of each customer contact.


Reduce Costs

The purchase of ERP software is not a minor investment. Therefore, you need to be absolutely confident the ERP solution you select provides a substantial Return on your investment. Dysel’s ERP software enables you to work more efficiently, which leads to a reduction in costs. Your employees are no longer occupied with unnecessary data entry and duplication of effort. Information will be shared through the organization quickly and easily. However, cost reduction is not the most important financial advantage of Dysel’s ERP software. The accurate and up to date data provided by our ERP software will make sure you get the most out of your business relations and individual deals become more profitable. Your customers can be served better and the strategic value of your business partnerships will rise.



Dysel’s ERP software gives you a lot of advantages:


  • Take control your processes with real-time decision making information
  • Remove duplication of data and effort with centralized information
  • Quickly intervene where necessary
  • Improve your internal and external communication
  • Reduce costs by working more efficiently

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