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Dysel’s field service solution Everyware Service is the ideal solution for your mechanics. User-friendly and very simple, but perfectly integrated with your back office .


Everyware Service runs on all mobile devices and is compatible with all popular operating systems, including Android (Google), iOS (Apple) and Windows (Microsoft). Everyware Service is easy to use and guides the mechanic in a natural way through the menu. The mechanic can quickly and easily check the service history, equipment configuration or, for example, the inventory in the service van. Even when connection is temporarily unavailable, the mechanic can continue his or her work and when the connection is restored data is automatically transmitted to the central system. Everyware Service can be used together with any back office system. Because data is registered on a central location you are always up to date with correct information and there is no more need for duplicate entry.


With Dysel’s Everyware Service you make a big step forward. No more paper work orders, no more duplicate entry and no more errors. Everyware Service is a complete solution for all your service-, maintenance- and repair activities.


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