Parts Management

For parts management you need a system that provides you detailed insight into your sales and inventory processes. Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution offers this insight and provides effective parts management at the lowest cost.


Management Reporting

With ELC you are able to track sales in many ways such as by product, by sales person, by territory, by manafacturer,and by product line. You are able to quickly identify the gross profit on every product line or every order. Users are able to gain insight on current order status, inventory levels, and relevant transaction details. The reporting capabilities are endless for managing your parts sales and inventory.


Inventory Management

How nice would it be to have just what the customer requested and in just the right amount each and every order? ELC’s automated parts inventory system helps you reach this level by tracking and managing the inventory on hand based on your customer demands. This automated system helps reduce overall inventory levels while improving the fill rate to your customers. So you have the parts you need, when you need them, but at the lowest total cost to your company.


Seemless Integration with your Suppliers

We are the best at integration with suppliers. Our parts integration with suppliers far surpasses anything you can find in any other software solution. You are able to know within an instant what the correct part number is, if the part is in stock at your supplier, and what the current cost is for the part. ELC also offers complete integration for vendor returns where the system provides you with suggested parts to return and will submit this return request automatically to your supplier. Your inventory will stay current and you will spend very little time managing this process to allow you more time to spend with your customer.


Fully Integrated Catalog

ELC’s fully integrated parts catalog allows you to maintain up-to-date information on all the parts available from your suppliers. By using the ELC catalog, with just one touch, you are able to identify superceeded parts or alternative parts available so that the time needed to research and process an order is minimal.



Parts Management in ELC includes: 


  • Complete inventory control system
  • The best at responsiveness
  • Flexible pricing strategies
  • Efficient receiving, put away, and picking procedures
  • Full supplier integration
  • Electronic part price updates 
  • Efficient van replenishment

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