Project Management

With the Projects module in the Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution every project turns into a success. ELC includes all processes for companies that work on projects and who need to be able to rent or service during the project.


The modules for rental and equipment are fully integrated with the Projects module. Equipment is configurable within a project and you can purchase or assemble it. In ELC you can check at any time the status and structure of each machine/installation and each project. If you want to rent your equipment to customers, you can easily make a reservation within the project. The rental and transport module is fully integrated with the Projects module.


For each task, you create a calculation and attach quotes from suppliers and subcontractors. When a project becomes an order you can quickly and easily create the purchase orders from the calculation. For optimal planning, ELC enables you to organize and analyze projects in a standard way. During the execution of the project you book the work per task which leads to a very detailed overview of your costs.


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