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In Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution you find everything you need for your rental activities. The integration with all of your business processes, including administration, invoicing, planning, transport, CRM, fleet management, reporting, service and inventory offers unique advantages for your organization.


Flexible pricing

ELC offers a very flexible setup for rental rates, Rates can be determined by hour, day, week, 4weeks, or month for example. You may setup rates for a certain group of customers for certain types of equipment. There are also options for applying the Best Rating as well as return grace time on contracts. There are also many options for including billing for attachments or transportation.  You also have the option to decide on pre and post billing and how often to bill.


Planning and Transportation

It is important to be able to check real time availability for a rental quote. If the quote is approved then with just one touch you can convert this to an order. If the rental is for a future period, you are able to reserve a specific piece of equipment or you may want to wait until shortly before delivery and decide at that time which piece of equipment to assign to this contract. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in your planning so you are able to get the greatest amount of utilization from your fleet. There is also an extensive transportation module in which multiple routes can be specified to enable the most efficient means of transportation.


Fleet Management

Managing your rental fleet becomes an easy task with ELC statistics.  There are multiple ways to easily view rental fleet information from an analysis of cost of ownership or return on investment to aging analysis or utilization. You may see these statistics by individual equipment, by group of equipment or by fleet – just about any way you want to analyze it, ELC can present it.


Integration with finance, service and inventory

When a piece of rental equipment is returned from a customer and returned to stock, the system will automatically generate a work order for the service department to inspect the unit for damage or repairs needed. This allows for prompt repairs which enables you to have your equipment quickly returned for available status.



Our ERP solution ELC includes all processes for companies that sell, rent, lease or service equipment:


  • Flexible rental rate options 
  • Specific rental billing options 
  • Comprehensive Transportation Module 
  • Fleet management for your rental fleet 
  • Rental availability planning 
  • Fully integrated with CRM Module

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