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With Equipment Life Cycle, Dysel offers a complete solution for service management. Fully integrated with all of your business processes and to be used for the most complex service- maintenance- and repair jobs.


Equipment management

The equipment or device is the nucleus in our solution. Data such as parts used, hours worked, readings, and added attachments can be found at the level of the equipment.  This is just a small sample of the data available at the equipment level. Within ELC we apply the basic principle that availability of information needed by Service, Rental, Transportation, Projects, CRM and Finance can all be found at the equipment level. This 100% integration allows for quickly accessed and unlimited information to be shared by all.


Maintenance schedules and jobcodes

Maintenance agreements on equipment are able to be tracked easily within ELC. The agreements may vary from simple agreements on tariffs to complex full-service contracts with price indexing, billing arrangements, special rates for repairs outside of business hours and more. It is important that all the specifics of the agreements are captured. ELC has many types of maintenance and service contracts but it is flexible enough to tailor agreements as needed and to capture the information and ensure proper invoicing.
To capture the repairs done on work orders, we use jobcodes. Jobcodes are used to provide for flat-rate or time and material repairs.


History, meter readings and checklists

On the equipment or device level, all repair history is accurately reflected from the initial pre-delivery inspection, to the repairs while owned by the customer and/or warranty repairs and possibly when the unit is reconditioned as used equipment.  All hours, used parts and even the comments of the technician on the work order is available. The history of the meter readings are also captured one each piece of equipment. It includes the date and time and by whom the meter readings are entered. You’ll be able to see graphically the trend of usage based on these readings. For inspections of your machines, devices and installations you can use checklists which you can easily define and modify yourself and which can be attached to the equipment.



The supplier warranty claim process is fully integrated with the service work order module.  The entire warranty process is covered, from the decision that certain parts or hours on a work order are warranty to the time the payment from the supplier arrives.  The reporting also allows quick and easy access to the results of warranties claimed vs. warranties paid.

For many suppliers ELC has a complete integrated interface with the warranty claim processing so all the processing is only needed to be entered once and that is at the time of entry on the work order. From that point on it is all processed electronically resulting in increased accuracy and significant time savings.


Field Service

The mobile solution EveryWare Service is completely integrated with ELC and the perfect solution for your field service department. EveryWare Service runs on laptops, tablets and smartphones and takes care of quick and efficient administration of work done by technicians in the field. With EveryWare Service your technicians have access to correct and up-to-date information, anywhere and anytime. This results in improved customer service, efficient inventory management and direct invoicing.



ELC provides for a multitude of timekeeping options. You are able to capture both productive and unproductive time and report in total, by division, or by technician.  The reporting options are endless.  Our solution also provides for efficient updating from the timesheets to the work order resulting in greater accuracy and less administrative time. Timesheet registration in the field is handled by EveryWare Service. Technicians are able to quickly and easily enter when they are on the road, when they start or end a service job, when they take a break, etc.



ELC includes all integrated processes for companies that sell, rent, lease or provide service for equipment or machinery:


  • A complete field service solution 
  • Complex Maintenance schedules made simple 
  • Fully integrated CRM 
  • Integrated warranty processing 
  • Complete service history 
  • Fleet Management

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