4 benefits of a Graphical Dispatch Board

The service planning at your equipment dealership is a major challenge. An excellent tool to assign your work orders to your service technicians is a Graphical Dispatch Board. This offers some important benefits over other service planning methods:

1. A better overview of the amount of work

In a Graphical Dispatch Board, you can see at a glance how the work orders are assigned to your service technicians. With the technicians on the left, their agenda next to it and the work orders that need to be assigned on the right, you have a complete picture of the planning and how you can optimize it. Moreover, this overview is always up to date. New work orders appear directly in the Graphical Dispatch Board and you can see exactly when a technician has completed a work order. The planning overview is therefore complete and up to date. And you can adjust the view, for example by looking at the schedule per day, per three days or per week.

2. Assign work orders and change schedules faster

Assigning work orders to technicians is very easy with the Graphical Dispatch Board. It's a matter of dragging the work order to the right resource on the right day and time. And if you want to change something in the schedule, it’s equally easy. For example, dragging the work order to another technician, or adjusting the duration or by assigning the work order to multiple technicians. Your service technicians will be notified of the changes you make, so that they are always aware of the planning.

"The most important benefit of the Graphical Dispatch Board: you will improve your service level."

3. Real-time connection with technicians

By connecting the Graphical Dispatch Board in real-time with the mobile application of the service technicians, the planning knows what is happening in the field and vice versa. The service planner sees immediately when a technician is heading towards a job, starts, takes a break or completes his work. Useful information when assigning new work orders. The service technician in return sees immediately when new work orders are assigned to him or her, when there are changes in the schedule or when additional information has been added to work orders.

4. Providing better customer service

The most important benefit of the Graphical Dispatch Board: you will improve your service level. You will be able to provide faster and better service to customers, because you can optimize the planning. For example, assigning a work order to a service technician who is just around the corner at that moment, or scheduling a job earlier, because a technician finishes the previous work order faster than expected. The Graphical Dispatch Board can also take into account the skills of your technicians and preferences of your customers. That way, you assign the best available resource to each job.

Does your organization have a field service department and do you want to organize it as efficiently as possible? Then the Graphical Dispatch Board is a perfect tool for you! Would you like to know more about Dysel's Graphical Dispatch Board? Send us a message and we'll get back to you.