ERP software: the benefits of keeping it simple

With ERP software you automate all departments and processes within your organization. With so many different requirements and wishes, ERP software quickly becomes complicated. While an important factor for success is to keep it simple.

Easy and fast implementation at low costs

That starts with the implementation of an ERP system. It is tempting to set a broad scope, so that you can create a complete solution for everyone in the organization. But is that feasible? A broad scope means a larger and more complex project. That costs more money, more time and increases the chance of errors and problems. And you might include topics in the ERP implementation that you don’t need or that you can better save for a second phase. Keep it simple with the ERP implementation by going live with what you really need. The go-live of the system is not the end. It is only the starting point of improvements. Read more about this in this blog about why an ERP implementation should not take too long.

Short learning curve and few obstacles for employees

An ERP system that is user-friendly and that supports processes that are simple and clear is easy to use for your employees. Whether it is a new ERP system or new employees; a short learning curve increases the productivity, pleasure in the job and efficiency of users. With a simple ERP system, you lower the threshold for employees to use the software in the way intended. An ERP system that is complicated, slow or with a poor user interface will easily be avoided by users. They revert to the old way of working, search for workarounds or resist the ERP package.

"ERP software must not only support your organization optimally right now, but also in the future. "

Internal and external support becomes easy

With every ERP system, support is necessary. This begins internally with the IT department and key users. And of course, support is easier with a simple ERP system. You can successfully help users of a simple ERP that need support more often and faster. As a result, they are more productive, and you will not have to reach out to the support department of your ERP partner that often. And that saves time and money. If you opt for complex processes, lots of customizations and various interfaces and integrations, then support becomes more difficult, both internally and externally.

Future new functionalities and upgrades go smoother and are cheaper

It is wise to always think about the future when choosing ERP. ERP software must not only support your organization optimally right now, but also in the future. So, anticipate on potential growth, new markets or activities of the company, developments in the industry, changes in legislation and regulations and technological developments. All reasons to make changes to the software in the future, to start using extra modules and functionalities and to upgrade to new versions of the system. And with a simple ERP system, that goes much faster, more pleasant and cheaper than with a complicated ERP system.

Although simplicity in ERP offers many advantages, it is not always realistic. For some companies, the processes are a bit more complicated, or customizations are necessary, or interfaces with other applications are required. But if possible, it is good to keep ERP simple and manageable.

Peter Gerhardt is Senior Lead Consultant Logistics at Dysel and helps customers achieve maximum results with business software.