ERP support: 4 benefits of a support site

From time to time you have questions about how to use your ERP system and you want those questions to be answered as quickly as possible. However, it is best not to pick up the phone or send an email, but to submit a ticket in an online support environment.

1. You will be helped faster

Tickets submitted through a support site are picked up faster than questions by email or phone. With a ticket, the support desk immediately sees to which customer the ticket is related, which version of the software, a description of the problem, possibly clarified with screenshots or attachments. As a result, the question can be answered immediately or be assigned to the right specialist. No emails back and forth to get information complete or telephone conversations that must be typed out for colleagues, but immediately complete information about your question or problem, so that you get an answer quickly.

2. You will be helped better

The support site offers structure. Tickets are submitted in a uniform manner, which allows for less misinterpretation than with emails or phone calls. You can easily track the progress of the ticket and add additional documents or comments. And when several people are working on tickets, e.g. the support consultant, the business consultant and the technical consultant, they all look at the same information and no time is wasted on transferring information.

"A support site offers more options than just submitting tickets."

3. You have perfect control over the support usage of your organization

By using the support site as the primary means of submitting your support questions and requests, you know who is using it and which questions are being asked. You manage who has an account for the support site, see which and how many tickets are submitted, and you have insight into closed tickets. This way you make sure people, whom you want to ask questions internally first, do not just call and e-mail. Also, questions are not asked multiple times. In short, you have control over who, how and to what extent uses ERP support within your organization.

4. You have more options

A support site offers more options than just submitting tickets. Some questions can already be answered in FAQs or documentation. Or you can use the option to have a support desk employee look at your screen along with you. With a support site you can therefore find an answer to your question yourself, or on the other hand have the right employee(s) available very quickly. That is different from support by email and telephone, where you have no self-support and only 1-on-1 communication.

So, no more calling and e-mailing?

The support site should not completely replace support by telephone and e-mail. It is just an extra option. An additional channel to be properly helped in using your company's most critical software application. You can still call or e-mail if you want to. But for the fastest and best support, the support site might be a better alternative.