How to create great looking quotes in Word

You want to present your quote in a professional looking document, but it should not take you hours to do this. Wouldn’t it be great to have your quote finished within just a couple of mouse clicks?

Building blocks

The way to do this is by using so called building blocks in Microsoft Word. Building blocks are chunks of text, images or objects that are saved in a gallery, so they can be inserted quickly into a Word document. ‘Quick parts’ and ‘Auto text’ are two of the galleries where you are able to save your building blocks in. Building blocks are great for creating documents you frequently use, but that differ every time in the components that are built in.

Building your quote

You simply assemble your quote by ‘building’ it from all relevant building blocks you have stored in the galleries in Microsoft Word. For your sales quote, for instance, you select the object you are selling and add the different components and options you are offering. A final check and perhaps a personal touch to the document and your quote is ready to go. As the information in the quote is most likely to come from your ERP or CRM system, you may want to consider the realization of an import function to bring the quote from your ERP or CRM system into Microsoft Word. That would make the process even better.

The benefits

This is why you should at least consider using building blocks in Microsoft Word for creating your quotes:

It will save you time: Assembling quotes is part of the daily operations in your back office. How long does it take now to have a quote finished? Calculate the time you save everyday if you can do it in just a couple of minutes.

Prevent mistakes in your quotes: Set up your building blocks properly and all of your quotes will be sent out without spelling mistakes, counting mistakes, strange formatting, etc.

Exceed your customer’s expectations: Surprise your customers with a professional looking quote that is in their Inbox faster than they can imagine.

Increase your success rate on quotes: All of the above contributes to the most important benefit of building blocks: the conversion rate from quote to order will rise as you are able to instantly present a great looking quote to your customers.

As a Product Owner, Joan Gaastra is in the driver's seat at Dysel. He decides which functionalities are developed and how they are prioritized.