Live with your ERP! But what’s next?

After a difficult and intensive implementation project, you are finally there: the go-live of your new ERP system! An important milestone and, for some, the end of a complicated and intensive process. But make no mistake; the go-live marks the end of the implementation, but it's also the start of a new phase. A phase in which various issues will ask for your attention and you must ensure that all of your efforts during the implementation have not been for nothing.

Optimization projects

Not all issues can be included in the ERP implementation. You focus on the most important issues and other topics will only be addressed after the go-live. These optimization projects are implementations on their own and should be addressed in the same way as the original implementation. Be critical of where improvements are possible and how the ERP system can facilitate this.


If the ERP system you have selected is a standard industry-specific solution, new versions will be released on a regular basis. These releases contain new features and enhanced functionalities. Together with your software partner you can judge what the added value of the release is and whether upgrading is a valuable move for your organization. It is definitely worthwhile to upgrade from time to time. That way you make sure you are not limited in your possibilities and you can always count on decent support from your software partner's support department.

Monitor the chosen procedures

During the implementation, the methods and procedures have been determined. Even though the end-users are well-trained, it is difficult for them to judge notifications of the system properly and to comply fully with the agreed procedures. So, as a key user, you must carefully monitor the first weeks after the go-live whether all users follow the agreed procedures. Also, many times you find out that after the go-live you need to make some subtle changes to the procedures you set up initially. That is because, in practice, a procedure can turn out quite different from what you expected and not lead to the desired (and expected) result.

Keep looking for improvements

After the go-live, you must continue to look for improvements and optimizations. "This is just how we do things" is a bad reason for not making any changes. Remain critical.

Pay attention to the matters above to get the most out of the new ERP system, now and in the future.

Peter Gerhardt is Senior Lead Consultant Logistics at Dysel and helps customers achieve maximum results with business software.