Make more money with your service management software

Has your service organization made the transition to quality service management software yet or are you still questioning whether you should make the investment? With the right software solution you will be working more efficiently, reduce costs and provide better service to your customers. Are you still not convinced about the benefits you can achieve? Stop focusing on costs and take a look at the return on investment!

Higher productivity of your technicians

Technicians working on a digital service solution spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on service and maintenance jobs. The productivity of the technicians increases even more when the field service application communicates directly with the back office system. This provides the technicians and the service planning with real-time and accurate information at any time.

More billable service hours

With top quality service management software that is set up properly, the number of billable service hours will rise. Think about your service contracts, conditions and warranties. But even more important are so-called job codes: predefined service jobs with a fixed duration and usage of parts.

Lower overhead costs

By fully automating your (field) service department you will reduce the administrative burden, the amount of paperwork, the number of errors and the amount of re-work in the back office. This allows you to drastically save on your overhead costs.

Send invoices faster

To work digitally means to act immediately. No paper work orders that are returned to the back office at the end of the week and are left on the desk for another two weeks, but send out the invoice within a few days or even directly at the customer site.

Convert more quotes into orders

Work order quotes that are directly presented digitally by your technician have a much higher success rate than quotes that reach the customer weeks later. If your customer requests a repair and you offer him the possibility to instantly approve to it, it is more likely that your customer will agree to the quote than when he sees the quote weeks later and he needs your technician to come over again. 

These are just some of the benefits. Also bare in mind more satisfied customers, more satisfied employees, less worries, etc. In short, do not hesitate and start making more money with your service organization!

As a Product Owner, Joan Gaastra is in the driver's seat at Dysel. He decides which functionalities are developed and how they are prioritized.