Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is your next gen business system

The days of traditional ERP systems that focus completely on features and functionalities are over. To remain competitive, you need a "next gen" business system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: with complete functionalities, but also with a vision and technology that anticipate the future.

More than a new look to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the successor to Dynamics NAV, Microsoft's extremely successful ERP solution for SMEs. But Business Central is more than just a different name and design. Business Central fits perfectly in this era of digital transformation. The idea of Business Central is that it is not a stand-alone solution, but that it integrates and communicates perfectly with other solutions and technologies. Because Microsoft has a lot more to offer. Think of the Azure cloud platform, Power BI and the wide range of Office 365 solutions. The synergy between everything that Microsoft has to offer ensures a huge improvement in the efficiency and productivity of your organization, which cannot be achieved with a stand-alone ERP system.

"With minimal code development, Business Central can be adapted and expanded to provide a solution that fits the specific needs of your business."

Big data and Artificial Intelligence

Business Central is specifically designed to facilitate real-time connectivity with customers, suppliers and partners using the power of cloud, A.I. and big data. Whether your organization has already been through the process of digital transformation or needs to take its first step with this, with Business Central you are up to the challenge. Business Central is the ideal solution for collecting and analyzing big data in combination with tools such as Azure Machine Learning and Common Data Service. This creates a data-driven shell around Business Central that provides great opportunities for data analysis and algorithmic predictions. And this data can be perfectly visualized in the dashboards and management reports of Power BI.

Grow with Extensions

Business Central's technological vision brings a vital change to how your company uses the software now and in the future. Changes and expansions of Business Central are done in so-called Extensions. Whether it is a complete vertical solution developed for a specific industry or a small app for a specific purpose; it has been developed in an Extension that can be “clicked” on Business Central like a Lego brick. With minimal code development, Business Central can be adapted and expanded to provide a solution that fits the specific needs of your business. And that is also a major benefit towards the future. Upgrading to a new version becomes much easier. And adding and connecting a new application will also go faster and easier.

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