Microsoft positioned as a leader in BI & Analytics

Microsoft is among the leaders in BI & Analytics, according to Gartner’s annual survey on Business Intelligence & Analysis platforms. In the ‘Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytic Platforms 2016’, Gartner has positioned Microsoft as one of the three leading parties. Microsoft leads the pack of 24 vendors evaluated when it comes to Completeness of Vision.

The buyers’ expectations of BI have changed significantly. Gartner states that a shift has taken place from BI offered by IT to self-service BI. Several established names including IBM, MicroStrategy, Oracle, SAP and SAS are no longer leading vendors, but have been outrun by Microsoft, Tableau and Qlik.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft offers with Power BI a tool to quickly create dashboards, to share reports and the tool provides direct access to all data that are important to the user. With Power BI Desktop, you can make powerful reports and visualizations, and the results can be published easily.

The benefits

Microsoft scores high with Power BI when it comes to achievement of business benefits. Improved customer service, increased revenue and delivering better insights to more users. The costs of Power BI are low, both acquiring the tool and the Total Cost of Ownership. Microsoft was also praised for user enablement, with high scores for online tutorials, community support, conferences and documentation.

The importance of BI & Analytics

Organizations that want to remain competitive recognize the importance of investing in analysis and visualization tools to gain important insights from data. These companies need a modern, powerful BI platform with a market leader status and a vision that will also fulfill the needs in the future.

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