This is why you need barcode scanners

Does your company have a warehouse? Then you definitely need barcode scanners. The benefits are huge, so the return on investment is high. These are the three key reasons for you to get a barcode scanning solution in your warehouse:

1. Work faster

With barcode scanners your warehouse personnel is much more productive. Simply scanning a label is much quicker and easier than finding and striking the correct order line with your pen or pencil on a paper pick list. Additionally, you can scan your counter order directly without first creating a sales order. Also, with a scanner your technicians can walk into the warehouse and instantly pick the parts they need for their service jobs. The usage of the parts is booked directly.

2. Make less mistakes

If working correctly and carefully in the warehouse is important to you, you should use a scanner. The number of mistakes will decrease noticeably. The barcode scanner knows exactly which parts need to be picked and how many. You will be notified in case of a mistake and you can directly rectify the mistake.

3. Correct inventory figures

A barcode scanning solution helps you to improve your inventory management. The inventory figures are more accurate because you make less mistakes. This way you will have less differentiations when counting your parts inventory. It also helps you to become a more reliable supplier to your customers; it will be less likely you promise to deliver something that should be on stock while in reality the shelf is empty.

Plenty of reasons to start working with barcode scanners as soon as possible. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are many different barcode scanners to choose from; make sure you are well informed, consult a specialist and purchase the scanner that fits your specific needs. Talk with your software supplier for a proper integration of the barcode scanning solution with your WMS or ERP system. And make sure you have an excellent network connection in your warehouse. Keep these things in mind and nothing prevents you to benefit from barcode scanning.

Floris Berends is Developer at Dysel and develops, builds, maintains and tests software solutions for various applications, including barcode scanning.