Tips & tricks from the software consultant

It is impossible to have 100% control over every software solution. Especially with the release of a new version of the software, it is a challenge to stay informed of the possibilities. Also, there is no need to know every single function of the system, but it is wise to take actions to ensure that the software is used optimally and contributes to achieving the organization’s goals. The software consultant plays an important role in this, during and moreover after an implementation.

What's new?

Releases of software applications follow each other at an increasingly higher rate. In the past this would happen every few years, nowadays this is yearly or several times a year. Your software consultant knows like no-one else does what additional features are included in a new release and how they provide value to your organization. Be sure to contact the software consultant on a regular basis and keep up to date with product developments. Does a new version of the software offer interesting features? Then organize a demo to review it in-depth.

Involve colleagues

Of course, it is not just about your own knowledge of the software. How your colleagues experience the software is just as important. Perhaps they do not work optimally with the software, causing them to waste time, make mistakes or be frustrated about the system. It often happens that one thinks, "is there no easier way to do this?" And in reality, things can indeed in many cases be done easier, but due to lack of time no attention has been paid yet to running through the processes in the system together in search of the best method. Your software consultant can help with this. Offer your colleagues the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the software consultant how processes can go faster and/or better. Ultimately, this will benefit the entire organization.

Learn tips & tricks

You may use the software in the right way, but you might get even more out of the system with a few small tips & tricks. When you just started to work with the software, many things are new and it takes time to remember everything. Later on you notice that certain actions are self-evident and you are ready for new challenges and learning some tricks. Only true software specialists can help you with that. That one shortcut key to save time, that report to be better informed, or the workaround that helps you to run the process through the system. The software consultant will be able to learn you a few tips and tricks in a short space of time.

A software consultant is not just there to implement your system and answer questions. He/she can help you to get the most out of the system and make optimal use of the software with the entire organization.

Luuk Busschers is Consultant at Dysel and helps customers to achieve their goals by using industry-specific ERP software.