Why do users like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

More than 15,000 companies worldwide already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And this number is rapidly increasing. Business Central is the fastest growing ERP solution in the world. What makes Business Central so popular among end users?

1. Features for laws and regulations per country

Business Central is available in many countries all over the world and the laws and regulations differ per country. Microsoft is one of the few parties that succeeds in solving this perfectly for its customers. Features for local laws and regulations are provided for each country where Business Central is available. This includes, for example, the general ledger, the VAT return, the Intrastat return and the requirements to invoices and other documents.

2. It is recognizable

An intuitive user interface contributes to a short learning curve and rapid system adoption. Everyone is familiar with Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook. And the look & feel of those programs is the same as in Business Central. This makes it recognizable for users so that they can quickly learn and use the system.

3. The integration with Office 365

ERP software has long ceased to be a standalone application. It is part of the total landscape of applications and programs within a company. And because many companies work with other Microsoft products, the seamless integration between Business Central and Office 365 is a huge benefit for users. Users switch between various applications for e-mail, contacts, quotations, orders, reports and presentations. Microsoft makes this extremely pleasant, fast and flawless.

"Everyone is familiar with Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook. And the look & feel of those programs is the same as in Business Central."

4. Security and reliability

The security and reliability of Microsoft products is guaranteed to be excellent. Microsoft Azure is the most secure cloud storage in the world. Every day, thousands of Microsoft employees work on the security of the products. A great reassurance for companies and individuals that their critical data will not be exposed. The performance, quality and reliability of Microsoft's software solutions are outstanding. Users do not need to worry that they are let down in their daily work.

5. Adoption of new technology

Microsoft invests a lot of time and money in the development of its products and technologies. This means that as a user of Microsoft business software, you will be one of the first to benefit from modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or telematics. And it is precisely the adoption of this new technology that gives your organization a competitive advantage.

6. An easy solution for everything

With Business Central you have less customizations and more convenience. For users, it means that they no longer work with a customer-specific piece of functionality of which development has stopped, where knowledge gets lost and which is difficult to upgrade. Instead, they work with applications that are available to everyone and that are guaranteed to work easily. Barcode scanning? Expense management? Document scanning? There is a solution available for everything.

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