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Blog Save costs with decent supplier assessment

28/06/2019 - Luuk Busschers

If your organization orders parts on a daily basis, it is wise to make a thorough assessment of your suppliers. What should you pay attention to when selecting the right supplier? Price and quality As with any purchase, you want good quality at a low price. Fortunately, price is a perfect factor for comparisons between suppliers. With quality, this is much more difficult, although with some experience you will be able to estimate this fairly well per supplier and per product (category). It can be interesting to develop an interface between your ERP system and the supplier's system to have, for example, a price and availability check, or to be able to request a quote and place orders. Delivery time and delivery reliability Sometimes...

That one question your ERP consultant keeps asking

14/12/2018 - Luuk Busschers

An ERP system should grow together with your organization. Your business is constantly evolving, technological developments follow each other faster and faster, your customers’ expectations change over time, laws and regulations are changing. In short; your requirements and wishes regarding the...

Think outside of your own department

09/02/2018 - Luuk Busschers

ERP software supports the entire company and also aims to bring the organization as a whole to a higher level. In order to achieve this, you as a user of the ERP system must also think in the interest of the entire organization. It is not about you or your department excelling in what you do, but...

A critical attitude is the shortest route to success

01/12/2017 - Luuk Busschers

Every day I help customers to get the most out of their business through the use of smart software solutions. And what I’m really convinced about is that the right 'attitude' can really make the difference. A critical, open and honest attitude of both the customer and myself as a...

ERP implementation ahead? Be prepared!

27/10/2017 - Luuk Busschers

The implementation of an ERP system is an exciting time for many organizations. The new software package brings a lot of progress, but it also requires describing and optimizing business processes, change management in the organization and of course the time, energy and adaptability of the...

Decision-making in the ERP implementation

18/08/2017 - Luuk Busschers

An ERP implementation is not just about software. Much more important are the business processes in your organization. A new ERP system can help you work more efficiently, provide better service or gain more insight into the business. But ultimately you and your colleagues decide on the work procedures. And that means you have to take decisions. Bad decision-making slows down the implementation During the ERP implementation, the project group faces various choices regarding the business processes. Do you turn right or left? Each and every choice has advantages and disadvantages with a big impact on the daily operations. This makes it difficult to take decisions. Ultimately, you will have to decide, and though it is important to...


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