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Blog 3 facts that emphasize the success of Business Central

06/05/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is incredibly popular amongst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That's not just a statement; there is strong evidence to back this up! Here are 3 facts about Business Central that underline the enormous success of this ERP system for SMEs: 1. The number of companies working with Business Central has doubled in 2021 (!) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the first release was on April 2, 2018. Since then, the number of users has grown rapidly. In 2021, the number of organizations using Business Central has grown from 11,000 to 22,000. A doubling! This includes both customers who are upgrading from NAV to Business Central and customers who...

5 key requirements to your Dealer Management System

29/04/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Equipment dealers have many different business processes. To properly automate this, you need an excellent Dealer Management System that supports all departments of your company. These are 5 important (functional) requirements to your Dealer Management System: 1. Carefree finance &...

How to keep your business software data clean

22/04/2022 - Peter Conijn

Every ERP system contains a lot of data. Think about your contacts, customers, suppliers, objects, parts, orders, invoices and financial information. How do you keep the data in your system clean and why is that so important? Clean data; good for now and in the future Works more pleasantly: It...

Standardized or customized business software

08/04/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

When automating your organization, do you opt for a software system with the standard features developed by the software partner, or do you choose a system that has been custom-developed for your organization? The big advantage of customized business software You get exactly what you ask for! And...

4 field service department automation rules

01/04/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

In the equipment management industry, the (field) service department is a crucial part of your company. By properly organizing and automating this department, you increase the profitability and success of your equipment dealership. 4 important rules to keep in mind when automating the (field)...

Equipment dealers, keep your customer happy!

18/03/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Attracting new customers is a top priority for many companies. Also in the equipment management industry. Yet it is advisable to invest more time and energy in retaining customers instead of attracting new customers. Better chance of a sales deal with an existing customer than with a new customer In sales deals of equipment dealers, the competition is often fierce. Everything needs to match; the equipment should meet the customer’s requirements and wishes, the price should be right, and the service, warranty and conditions need to match. This is different for existing customers. They are familiar with your organization, products, people and capacities. If they are satisfied with the level of service that you offer, the chance that they...


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