"Dysel is a warm company that is very involved with its employees"

Willem Talbot (18) did not get his passion for marketing from a stranger. Both his father and mother have made careers in marketing. Willem himself studies Commercial Economics, Marketing and Communication in Utrecht and he has big plans for the future. “Next I want to study International Business. However, there is a decent chance that I will first go to New Zealand for a year. To see more of the world and to get to know myself better.”

An active and sporty life

Willem lives in Noorderloos with his father, mother and sister. And recently, a puppy has joined the family. Next to studying, Willem has a busy social and sports life. “I like to spend time with my friends. Together we game a lot or we just socialize. As a child I played football, then I played rugby and now I do fitness almost every morning at home.”

Interesting marketing conversations

Willem conducts research into the needs of equipment dealers in business software. His findings must contribute to better software and better services. “I map out what Dysel's (potential) customers need in software to support their equipment dealership. It would be amazing if my research contributes to a better product." Willem gets a lot of energy from the interesting conversations he has. “In addition to my supervisor, Philip van Kemenade, I also speak with the general manager, Remko Gaastra, with many other employees and of course with people outside the organization. The conversations about marketing are very interesting and exciting. In the beginning I mainly listened and observed, but now I’ll let myself be heard more and more. That is also appreciated and encouraged at Dysel.”

"It would be amazing if my research contributes to a better product."

A warm company, extra important in these corona times

“Dysel is a warm company that is very involved with its employees. That is something I have already noticed in my short period at Dysel. During Easter, for example, everyone received a nice gift. From a marketing point of view, that is a very good thing to do. Small gestures like that are greatly appreciated and you get commitment and loyalty from employees in return. Especially in these corona times it is extra important to ensure good team spirit.”

Increase knowledge and develop skills

The internship at Dysel is a great opportunity for Willem to increase his knowledge and develop his skills. “Dysel is an international organization with customers all over the world. It is very interesting to contribute to the optimal marketing strategy that ensures success worldwide.” One of the most important skills that Willem wants to develop is to better learn to write down his thoughts. “Verbally I can express myself very well, but I can improve at putting my thoughts on paper in a report. Fortunately, at Dysel I get the freedom to showcase all my strengths and the guidance to work on other skills.”

Would you like to do an internship at Dysel, just like Willem? Please contact our HR Officer Cynthia Peperkamp, ​​via c.peperkamp@dysel.com or telephone number +31 (0) 6-81295965.