Get the most out of your ERP software with back-end support

The most crucial element after an ERP implementation is ensuring the software performance is achieving desired results. This requires top quality support in all areas, including comprehensive back-end support. The back-end refers to everything the end user cannot see. Whereas front-end is more concerned about the user interface and design issues, the back-end specialists are focused on thing like security, structure and database management. Maybe not the most exciting topics, but of crucial importance in getting maximum value from your ERP software application. So, make sure your back-end support meets these requirements:

1. Capable:

When selecting an ERP partner you should also evaluate your provider’s backend support strengths like experience, knowledge, training skills and availability. But also the ability of the back-end support to communicate effectively with front-end support and specialists within your organization. Get in touch with the back-end support consultants and make sure you are aware of their capabilities.

2. Reliable:

Once the software is launched, it’s difficult to assess how much back-end support the company will require. To effectively streamline your business processes, you need optimal support from your ERP partner as they understand the software both technically and functionally. You need to rely on the support consultants to effectively solve issues, provide solutions and recommend actions that help you to make optimal use of your ERP software. You don’t want to worry about things like performance, security or connectivity. That is where you want to rely on back-end support and you should spend your time on optimizing business processes and working more efficiently.

3. Pro-active:

A proactive approach is required to make sure that the software is performing seamlessly.  This involves terminating any bugs, escalating to the development team for resolutions and keeping track of any upgrades that can improve the process. Back-end support should be able to troubleshoot fast and effectively, but also focus on preventing problems. As technology grows exponentially it becomes increasingly important to be aware of what the future will bring and act upon that now.

Do not hesitate to ask your ERP partner about their back-end support capabilities. This topic is of crucial importance in getting maximum return on investment on your ERP software investment and should therefore not be underestimated.

Noor Shaikh is Marketing & Sales Executive in North America at Dysel and knows all about the challenges equipment dealerships encounter when it comes to ERP software.