The importance of modern IT in your company

Many companies regard information technology as a necessary thing instead of something that can bring benefits. But the use of modern IT makes your organization more effective and successful.

1. More productive due to better performance

The great performance of modern IT, such as the increased reliability and speed of systems and connections, ensures that employees become more productive. It saves time, reduces frustration and enables you to provide better service to customers. Many companies emphasize on costs when it comes to IT investments, without looking at the benefits. A calculation of the increased productivity would validate many IT investments for companies.

2. Improved internal and external communication

Technological developments make it easier to communicate with each other. For instance, Office 365, SharePoint and Teams, which all make collaboration easier. Modern IT solutions also help improve the communication towards customers. Think about automated e-mails, solutions for track & tracing, and one single environment to communicate and collaborate with customers.

"With the use of modern IT you can achieve a competitive advantage, because you offer extra service, can act extra fast or offer an extra pleasant customer experience."

3. Gain a competitive advantage and improve the customer relationship

With the use of modern IT you can achieve a competitive advantage, because you offer extra service, can act extra fast or offer an extra pleasant customer experience. For example, by giving customers 24/7 access to a customer portal where they can view things and submit requests. It can also strengthen the relationship with your customers. For example, by giving them personal offers based on their purchasing behavior or by continuously informing them about the status of their order.

4. Improved data management, document management, reports and analyses

Data is crucial for every company. And with modern IT resources, managing, distributing and analyzing data becomes a lot easier. Saving data in the cloud instead of on local PCs and USB sticks is safer and more reliable. Storing and distributing documents in a structured way increases efficiency and effectiveness. And better reports and analyses of what is going on within your organization supports the management.

5. Better compliance with laws and regulations

Changes in legislation and regulations can impose challenges to IT. Examples are changes in the VAT rate, the SEPA payments and the upcoming Brexit. Modern IT solutions take these developments into account and ensure that you comply with legislation and regulations. For old information technology, it can lead to customizations, workarounds, or non-compliance with laws and regulations with all the associated consequences.

Khalid Kheder is Technical Consultant at Dysel and an expert in managing and maintaining IT- and business systems.