4 reasons to choose for Dynamics 365 Business Central right now

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is extremely popular among small and midsize businesses. Of course, because of the extensive functionalities, but there are a few other important reasons for your organization to choose for Business Central.

1. You get the latest technology, which makes you a frontrunner in your industry

You can beat the competition in several ways. For example, with the best products, great service or competitive pricing. Whatever your strategy is, top quality business software is essential to execute your strategy successfully. With Dynamics 365 Business Central you get access to a modern and powerful platform to streamline your business processes and successfully serve customers. Whether that is in production, sales and marketing, rental and lease, or service management. With Business Central you get the most out of your company and you are ahead of the competition.

2. It's all about the user experience which is great in Business Central

When you must invest in endless, expensive training sessions to master your business software, something is wrong. You run the risk of frustrated and unhappy employees and your costs for support and follow-up training are likely to be very high. That is why Business Central is easy to learn and use. Microsoft is committed to providing an excellent user experience across all of its products and continuously works on innovation and improvement. This makes Business Central a beautiful, stable and clearly structured product that makes the user very happy.

"With Business Central you opt for a standard system with sufficient opportunities to use this how you want to in a future-proof and cost-effective way."

3. Communication and integration with other technologies and products works perfectly

Business software is rarely a standalone solution anymore. Your business management system must connect seamlessly with other applications within and outside your organization. Think for example about Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams. Or a mobile application, your CRM system or web portal. But also in communication with external parties such as customers, suppliers, the bank and the accountant, it is important that you can exchange data in a safe and easy way. With Business Central you can do this perfectly. You are assured of a seamless integration with other Microsoft products, but you can also perfectly realize integrations and interfaces with other systems, so that you work more efficiently and productively.

4. You create the solution you need in a stable and future-proof way

The times of turning business software completely to your liking by developing customizations are behind us. This is time-consuming, expensive, complicated and foremost unnecessary. With Business Central you opt for a standard system with sufficient opportunities to use this how you want to in a future-proof and cost-effective way. You do this with so-called Extensions; pieces of software that fulfill a certain need and that you literally use as an extension of Business Central. Are you, for example, looking for a barcode scanning solution? Instead of programming in Business Central, you simply connect the barcode scanning extension of a specialized company to your Business Central system. Better quality, lower impact and easy with upgrades.

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