The Graphical Dispatch Board: a blessing for the service department

Efficient service planning is of great value to equipment dealers. Planning and carrying out maintenance, repairs and inspections on objects becomes much easier with a Graphical Dispatch Board. Does your organization already a GDB?

Work more pleasant with a visual representation of the service planning

A graphical dispatch board is a visual representation of the planning of the service department. Including a timeline, your service technicians and the work orders that you can assign. Visual information is much easier and faster to absorb than non-visual information. You can quickly see the planning in one overview on a graphical dispatch board. And you can easily adjust the screen. For example, you can view technicians per branch or per team, adjust the timeline or put a filter on the work orders. And you work very pleasantly with the use of colors. Think about colors for the work order status and work order priority.

Assign work orders at lightning speed and optimize the planning

Pick up the work order and drag it to the technician at the correct time, it's that simple with a graphical dispatch board. And making a change is just as easy. For example, assigning the work order to a different technician or scheduling it for a different day and time or extend or shorten the time period. If you would like to know more about the work order, you can view the details. Creating the planning and optimizing the planning becomes much easier with a graphical dispatch board.

"For maximum benefit of the graphical dispatch board, you can connect it to a field service application."

Extensive possibilities and maximum flexibility

The graphical dispatch board offers extensive possibilities and can be adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of your organization. Do you always plan on the day itself or do you prefer to look a week ahead? You can easily adjust the screen to that. Do you only want to plan urgent jobs with the graphical dispatch board or also preventive maintenance jobs and inspections? You can arrange that by applying filters. And do you want to make the planning for the entire organization or just for one branch or one team of service technicians? The graphical dispatch board also supports you with this.

Ultimate efficiency by connecting it to a field service application

For maximum benefit of the graphical dispatch board, you can connect it to a field service application. In this way, the service planning and the technicians in the field both have continuous access to real-time information. In the office you always know where service technicians are and what progress they are making with their work, while the technicians are kept informed of changes in their planning and new activities. The graphical dispatch board in combination with a mobile application also enables you to assign the right work order to the right technician and vice versa. For example, based on location, skills or availability.

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