This is why you need industry-specific ERP software

A sector specific ERP-system focuses on the unique needs and critical functionality for companies in a given sector. A generic ERP solution can work, but a sector specific ERP-system offers an understanding of the business that’s already built in.

You need specialists

If you want effective support, you need an ERP partner that’s specialized in your type of organization. A partner that’s not just good in making software, but also has relevant experience and understands the challenges in your business sector. And more important that knows how to handle these challenges. A general ERP-system will have great base features. But the strength in ERP-software comes from the unique features that are developed for your specific sector.

You need people that understand your organization.

The software and the software company need to fit your products, your service, your people, your processes and your business culture. This can only be achieved when you work with a software partner that understands your organization. Companies is different sectors work in very different ways. It’s not just what they do that changes, it also how they do it, and equipment dealers have a unique way of working. With consultants that are used to help your type of company you will have a easier match leading to quicker and better results.

"To stay ahead, you will need an ERP system that grows with you."

You can profit from the experience.

 When you choose for a ERP-system that’s already being used by companies in your sector, it means you benefit from years of learnings. Your software partner knows your challenges and processes and it’s already reflected in the software. Those exact small and specific things that you are struggling with are standard functions, and don’t need to be customised. In your sector you will have a competitive advantage, however the challenges you face to grow profitability are often similar to your competitors. This is where sector specialised ERP systems come into their own and demonstrate their superiority over generic ERP systems.

You are ensured your ERP grows together with you.

With a generic software solution you can’t predict how the software will be developed in future. Of course they will take into account the important trends and developments like the SEPA payments system, change in taxes and Brexit… but what happens when innovation affects your sector only? Maybe robotics or telematics are of great important in your sector. To stay ahead, you will need a ERP-System that grows with you. This means that not just now but also in the future you are ensured of powerful and complete automatization