Use the summer to evaluate your business software

Summer can be a quiet period for many companies. This means on the one hand less business, but on the other it also offers the opportunity to pay attention to other facets of your company. For example, an evaluation of your business software; are you still working with a top quality software system or is there room for improvement?

The importance of business software

A complete and easy-to-use ERP system is vital for businesses to be successful. Central availability of correct and complete information about your employees, your customers, your suppliers and your products helps you to manage your company successfully, efficiently and profitably. But a good ERP system needs constant attention. Because technology is changing, your customers are becoming more demanding, the competition is taking steps and there are continuously new developments in your company and industry. But in day-to-day business there is sometimes too little time to work on improving your automation. If summer is a quiet period for your company, this brings an excellent opportunity to evaluate your IT and automation.

Ask yourself the following questions

But what is important to evaluate? The questions below provide guidance for your evaluation. It is of course important to tailor the evaluation to your own organization.

  • How are the performance and speed of the software?

A slow system slows down your processes and causes frustration.

  • Does the software still meet the latest security requirements?

A security breach or risk poses a huge threat to your business. Modern and popular software systems usually meet the latest security requirements. This makes you resistant to hackers and malware and you also comply with privacy legislation.

  • Does the software fully match our business activities?

Are all your business processes supported by the system? Or are there still processes that can be improved by automation? Or maybe you work with a system that matched your business activities during the implementation, but no longer matches today’s needs.

  • What obstacles do users encounter in our software?

There is no more valuable review than that of the end users. Let them tell you what they encounter in the software. These could be problems you don't know about.

  • What opportunities do users see to get even more out of the software?

And in more positive terms: where do the end users see opportunities to benefit even more from working with your system?

"The most drastic decision is to look for a new ERP system, but that too can be a legitimate decision."

After the evaluation

After you have completed your internal research, you will of course work on improvement. A few possible steps:

  • Optimize processes

This is the least intrusive step to take, but can be sufficient in many cases. Adjust processes by, for example, eliminating unnecessary steps and by automating more.

  • Expand the use of the software

You may find that you are not using parts of the system. Or expanding with additional modules can be of added value.

  • A software upgrade

Does your system need an upgrade? For example, to be able to use new features or for better performance or to comply with the latest laws and regulations.

  • The search for a new ERP system

The most drastic decision is to look for a new ERP system, but that too can be a legitimate decision. Take your time and involve your entire team in the process, even after the summer!